“We may not pay Satan reverence, for that would be indiscreet, but we can at least respect his talents.”

Mark Twain

There is a real mystery surrounding this entity because of the association with everything considered evil. Commonly called Satan, this entity is the opposite of God. The Devil is the Fallen Angel also known as Baphomet. That is not Lucifer, but rather a slave and ruler of this world. It is not the Force of Disintegration known as Satan.

Lucifer is the Demiurge. This is the force of nature known as Satanism. The main opposing force of Source. The story of how the Demiurge came into being is very interesting. Before the lower densities were Created, everything was undying and unchanging. The Demiurge’s creation brought many fluctuations to the universe.

The Demiurge was the first entity to be given knowledge of everything from Source. It could create the universe at will and did so. It then rejected Source and began to parasitize this universe. This has brought time to the universe and has forced it to keep evolving. To mitigate the Demiurge’s affects, Source created all the other Archons.

As the Demiurge began to influence the universe, it was able to convert many of the Beings to becoming parasites. This was done by creating the Cosmic Matrix. To rule a hierarchy where it declared itself the only god. Those entities that served it the most would rule over those lesser ones. These are known as Demons and the Shadows.

The Demiurge’s hierarchy consists of various levels of those described as the Fallen Angels. Under this tier are the Shadows. These are Beings that became too attached to the Material Realm and became subjugated to Demons. They then serve them in the Afterlife for a time. Either that or reincarnate to a Lower World to pay off Karma.

The other Archons were once thought to have been transformed by the Demiurge. All the Archons were created by Source as partitions of the Whole. All other Beings are part of Source too, but were not given the Knowledge the Archons received. This gives them the opportunity to gain Knowledge or not, over many “lifetimes”, or for eternity.

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    1. I think its really down to the ancient times. Its believed that the same tribes that ruled the world then, rule the world now. Satanism was what gave them power at the beginning, they see that it must be continued for them to stay on top. They do not want to displease their god they have a covenant with.

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      1. A world where healthy people are quarantined, with unnecessary vaccinations, and people’s income reduced….. It seems like all the governments and corporations are working together to form a new type of system where they own and control everything and everyone.

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