Also known as Goddess of love, sexuality, war, guardianship, healing, abundance, fertility and justice, Ishtar is believed to be a female manifestation of the Archangel Uriel. There have been misinterpretations of Ishtar through time. She was one of the god-like humans of the ancient days; her powers ascended her to the status of god.

Ishtar Day (Easter) is the first Full Moon after the Spring Equinox. The planet Venus is associated with her also. This planet is often near the Sun or far from the Sun in the sky of Spring or Autumn. The Christian date is moved to the following Sunday, just as Christmas comes after Saturnalia when it should be on the Winter Solstice instead.

The story of Ishtar and Tammuz is one of Christic Love. This is not the bestial love of the Third Density, but that of the Fourth. This is like a form of telepathy. Christic Love increases as the densities ascend towards the Source. In her story, Ishtar gave up all she was to enter the Underworld, to find Tammuz after her infatuation with Gilgamesh.

It is believed that Ishtar was rescued by a Spirit, once Anunnaki, who either resides or resided, in the Underworld. She then returned to Earth and became much stronger. She was not immortal, and left this world to Ascend. The eight-pointed star is her symbol, which can be drawn and used for Magical purposes, especially Chaos Magic.

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