The Twelve Zodiacal Archangels are associated with the Seven Celestial Archangels close to their own vibration or traits. They may connect just like any other entities. The role these Archangels have is to relieve suffering. They can be invoked to help those here on Earth. In some religions, these had been replaced by saints or even gods.

In ancient times, the world was more balanced in general. Oppression was not felt at the level experienced in modern times. Many believed this was because of a Spiritual War going on behind the scenes that was being manifested in this world. A world where hate suited the Demons and love suited the Angels. Control or Freedom.

Everyone is born under a Zodiacal Sign. Many people can be like their sign, but no two people are the same person. Each person has a personality with a shadow self. It is more likely that each person will go through all twelve possible sufferings and these Archangels can be invoked or evoked, to help one with these difficult experiences.

ARIES: Archangel Malahidael. Element: Fire. Linked: Archangel Samael. Ambitious, independent, and impatient. Known as The Instigator, this entity helps those who are suffering from conflict, enslavement, or theft. Energetic and dynamic, those who invoke can regain the strength and confidence required to achieve their life goals.

TAURUS: Archangel Asmodel. Element: Earth. Linked: Archangel Uriel. Dependable, determined, and practical. Known as The Supporter, this entity is attracted to beauty and abundance. Being relentless, those who invoke can receive help through the sufferings and deceptions of love and can bring in them a feeling of calmness.

GEMINI: Archangel Ambriel. Element: Air. Linked: Archangel Raphael. Curious, affectionate, and kind. Known as The Communicator, this entity helps those who travel and negotiate. A great problem solver, those who invoke can receive help getting over failures in life. The suffering will be replaced by a feeling of comfort and recovery.

CANCER: Archangel Muriel. Element: Water. Linked: Archangel Gabriel. Intuitive, emotional, intelligent, and passionate. Known as The Protector of Truth, this entity helps those who hand-craft items, make art, and sculpt. Caring and sentimental, invoking this entity can bring an end to suffering caused by uncovering the truth.

LEO: Archangel Verchiel. Element: Fire. Linked: Archangel Michael. Proud, bold, and ambitious. Known as The Sovereign, this entity helps those in positions of much responsibility such as teachers, doctors, and scientists. Invoking this entity can help with suffering by regaining a sense of purpose and help one find their calling in life.

VIRGO: Archangel Hamaliel. Element: Earth. Linked: Archangel Raphael. Graceful, organized, and kind. Known as The Pure, this entity helps those who want to become more charitable and humbler. Invoking this entity can help the suffering caused by a weakness in character to bring back a balance to life by reconciliation and caring.

LIBRA: Archangel Zuriel. Element: Air. Linked: Archangel Uriel. Diplomatic, artistic, and intelligent. Known as The Regulator, this entity always aims to bring peace to opposing forces. Invoking this entity can help with suffering from injustices and difficult situations by gaining the ability to see the real beauty that exists in life.

SCORPIO: Archangel Barbiel. Element: Water. Linked: Archangel Samael. Seductive, passionate, and independent. Known as The Vindicator, this entity helps those who fight. This is usually in defence against an aggressor. Invoking this entity can convert suffering into compassion, bring consciousness, and help through bad experiences.

SAGITTARIUS: Archangel Adnachiel. Element: Fire. Linked: Archangel Zachariel. Adventurous, creative, and strong willed. Known as The Wanderer, this entity helps those with hopes and dreams and a passion for philosophy. Invoking this entity can change one’s suffering more to a feeling of generosity, adventure, and valour.

CAPRICORN: Archangel Hanael. Element: Earth. Linked: Archangel Lucifer. Detail-oriented, intelligent, hardworking. Known as The Shepherd, this entity helps those who are pessimistic and melancholic. Invoking this entity can help ease the suffering of betrayal and guide one into the work needed to regain personal responsibility.

AQUARIUS: Archangel Cambiel. Element: Air. Linked: Archangel Uriel. Imaginative, idealistic, and intuitive. Known as The Vessel, this entity helps all those who study, especially those who use magic. Invoking this entity can bring assistance to those who suffer for sacrifices in life to help others. Also, a benefactor for revolutionaries.

PISCES: Archangel Barchiel. Element: Water. Linked: Archangel Zachariel. Creative, sensitive, and artistic. Known as The Guardian, this entity helps those who are empaths and work to serve and help society. Invoking this entity can help those who are very sensitive and suffer for others, bringing them peace, willpower, and strength.


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