This dimension is an incredible construction, but that is all it is. If one looks at reality from a higher dimensional state, this dimension is an animation. This includes all the “life forms”. If one takes away the force within their bodies, they become inanimate. There is no difference between a table and a human. They can both be possessed.

To know how humans then became, one has to look at how they were created from a higher dimensional level. If one looks at the “myths” of the Old Gods, one will see a pattern of three. A creator, then a male and female. The most accurate explanation could be that of the Spirits, Jahve, Belial and Lilith. These later on, became Demons.

Jahve created two animations. A man and a woman. These were then possessed by Belial and Lilith. In the Third Density, nothing can be replicated in Nature. A fractal will not remain a whole number due to entropy. All can die. It is the way of this Plane. It would defy Natural Law otherwise. Everything must have the ability to disintegrate.

Belial and Lilith bred and created vessels for other Spirits to occupy. It is not that any animations are created evil, but the intentions of those that make them. The Anunnaki, of who these Spirits possessed wanted a slave race to rule. It meant that rather than these humans becoming possessed, they came under the influence of the Archons.

These entities control humans using their emotions. There are instances where Spirits occupy human vessels, but the Archons influence those of the herds to isolate them from their society. Many have been killed, such as Christ. The Archons are the reason why humanity has not changed their behaviour over the last few thousands of years.

In current times, there are multiple forces at play. Many think of the Illuminati and the Satanists as powerful secret societies, but most only dream existence. This discovery created the Tarot. It was a way for any animation to create their own Soul and so could exist as an individual Soul Entity. One could leave the Matrix created by the Archons.

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