The Zodiac constellations are fixed in the sky. The Sun, Moon and Planets move around the sky. Astrology Magic is probably the most powerful when evoking these entities for assistance. The only magic that is more powerful is when entities possess a body and use symbols, phrases, spells, and willpower to produce their own magic.

Archangels are not much different from any other entities. They have traits that they have picked up over time just like any other Souls. The difference is that when they assist, other Souls can become connected to them; common traits and goals with Souls very like themselves. Depending on the entity, these form different groups.

THE SUN: Archangel Michael or Archon Adonaios. Kingship. This entity is said to bring good fortune to those individuals who do not conform to society. Known as The Warrior, there is an association with those who value sovereign individuality. This entity also assists with change, peace, spirituality, creativity, and motivation.

THE MOON: Archangel Gabriel or Archon Horaios. Wealth. Known better as The Communicator, this entity brings good fortune to travellers, artists, authors, teachers, farmers, brewers, those in maternity and those with disability. This entity also assists with relationships, conception, pregnancy, childbirth, and child rearing until adulthood.

MERCURY: Archangel Raphael or Archon Elaios. Healing. Known as The Healer, this entity brings good fortune to journalists, intellectuals, business, and philosophers. Helps in matters relating to the mind, especially psychological illnesses. This entity also assists with addictions, stressful situations, quarrels, anxiety, and depression.

VENUS: Archangel Uriel or Archon Astaphaios. Wisdom. Known as The Protector, this entity brings good fortune to those who express positive emotions, drama, music, perfumes, poetry, love, and care. This entity also assists with protecting, rejuvenation, physical needs, insights, awareness, charity, and opportunities.

MARS: Archangel Samael or Archon Sabaoth. War. Known as The Opposer, this entity brings good fortune to those in the military, economics, big business, judges, and police. This entity also assists with warfare, sex, competition, hierarchy, domination, judgement, slavery, immorality, cruelty, fear, all taxation, and plunder.

JUPITER: Archangel Zachariel or Archon Iao. Lordship. Known as The Deceiver, this entity brings good fortune to those associated with religions, every form of psychology, entrepreneurship, corporate entities, government, and celebrity. This entity also assists with making financial decisions, manipulation, marketing, promotion, and ego.

SATURN: Archangel Lucifer or Archon Yaldabaoth. Power. Known as The Artisan, this entity brings good fortune to those associated with corruption, collectives, sacrifices, eugenics, desolation, everything artificial, heavy industry, genocide, and death. This entity also assists with poisoning, destruction, maiming, parasitizing, and diseasing.

Each of these Seven Archangels have their place in the world. There are both positives and negatives for each depending on one’s affiliation. The energies one picks up in life influences one’s Soul. Souls come into this world at their own risk. One should remember about karma and that all entities are subject to Natural Law.

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