“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”

Lao Tzu

When using Tarot Magic, the cards will show a path of probability that is likely to be successful for a certain desire. The cards may seem random, but they do have a real, definite meaning overall.  It is best to draw five cards in order, put them clockwise to their positions at the Pentagram. Duplicate cards are placed and to become reversed.

This skill is more “forceful” type of Nature Magic. When one wants any success in this world, the cards may seem “cold” in order to achieve it. One can expand from this base reading into connecting with the Higher Self and any other forms. Willpower is a major factor to success, though time and space can be “bent” to the Action of the Spirit.

Many see this as a Spell, but it is more than that. It is how to “create” Spells by using the symbology of the Cards. This would then be made into a Sigil and can be used again. There are many forms of Magic, but symbolism is the best way to hide Magic from the ignorant. One must really be mentally set on the type of outcomes they want.

SPIRIT:        Major Arcana (Intent).

EARTH:        Pentacles (Skill).

AIR:              Swords (Action).

WATER:       Cups (Emotion).

FIRE:           Wands (Willpower).

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