In Nature Magic, it is elements that are used rather than Elementals. Symbology and physical elements are required. A Pentagram is one of the most powerful symbols to use when channelling energies. It is best to draw the Pentagram for each Spell. One can then add the symbols and vials needed to create the Spell. This attracts Magic.

The Masculine and Feminine are represented with the entities of the Earth and Sky. Gaia and Tengri. Spirit is oneself in mediated connection with the Higher Self. This is the element of Aether. The other elements are Earth and Water (Feminine) and Air and Fire (Masculine) that are represented by physical elements in small containers.

One element is represented by each vessel. Air can be an empty vessel, Earth can be sand, Fire can be a small lit candle, and Water can be water. A personal object or even a Tarot Card can be used for Spirit. Some use crystal balls or charmed amulets. The idea is to give the Magic as much respect as possible. Magic is a type of Faith.

The Symbols of Male and Female should be used. These can be drawn inside the Pentagram or Pentacle or even two tokens with symbols. Feminine is the Passive, and Masculine is the Action. The Higher Self directs the energies. Sometimes a Spell does not require all the elements, but for basic Nature Magic, all should be present.

Next is to construct what type of Spell one wants to use. One must remember that Magic combines both the Material and the Astral Planes. A Spell must find a path through time and space in order to work. To find the correct path, one consults their Higher Self. Tarot cards can be used to find what type of Spell may be successful.

The cards are best to go to their elemental areas of the pentagram. All Nature Magic requires the use of all five elements. To cast the Spell, one can use five Tarot cards at their appropriate places. Before dealing the cards, focus intention on the Spell one would prefer. One can then decide whether or not the result is useful for the purpose.

Major Arcana cards normally represent Spirit. The Minor Arcana can be used for the other elements as they are linked to them by their suits. This finds the Spell path. To study the cards for their meaning. Any duplicate suited cards are reversed. For example, drawing two Cups cards means the second is reversed. This gives details.

Many use Nature Magic for others and so the Pentagram has the point away from the user. If one is seeking their own desires which may impact the lives of others, the Pentagram points towards oneself. Away is to Gaia and Tengri, towards is to the Demon Baphomet. This Demon is also androgynous and a distortion of Nature.

Anyone familiar with Spellcasting will know that words are also required. Taking all the information together, write down the meaning in as abbreviated form as possible. A short group of words is easiest to remember when “Spelled”. It can be challenging to find exact interpretations of the Tarot Cards. One can research online for these.

The symbology and words should be placed in the centre of the Pentagram. These can simply be written on paper. When one looks at magic using Hebrew, it looks a complicated exercise. All language uses “Spelling”, not just Hebrew. Keep it simple. The combination of Material and the Astral uses Intuition. Let this sense be a guide.

Once the centre has the Spell, activate the elements. Blow into the vial for Air, hearing. Touch the sand for Earth. Light and smell the candle for Fire. Stir the Water with a finger and taste. Then look at what is at Spirit, visualising the result you want from the Spell. Now close the eyes and visualise energetic lines forming the Pentagram.

The last part is to feel in the present. Some meditation may be required at this point. One will feel the Passive energy of the Feminine from below and around. One will then feel the Action energy of the Masculine from above and around. Once they are combined, put together the Visualisation. Now cast the Spell by commanding Action.

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