The easiest way to learn magic is to use the Fourth Dimensional Plane. The Mind. It is the Spirit Realm. It is entered when you are in an altered state of consciousness. To get some practice with meditation, there are some tuition videos available online. These are often guided to help with using the Mind to meet with one’s Higher Self.

Results will come eventually, if not immediately. The Higher Self is the Spirit, but it is also when one begins to learn of their multidimensional existence. It can be difficult to keep one’s feet grounded in the Material Realm, but we have come here to bring evolution to Earth.  This can only be achieved by people connecting to their Spirit.

When the Higher Self has been met, one can move on to the next step. To create a place using Visualisation in your altered state. This can be anything from a Ring of Stones to a meadow ringed by trees. The Ring is important as it resembles a barrier manifested for protection. There are many Minds that are forms in the Astral Plane.

Once this is achieved, recreate oneself as to what one wants to be within this Realm. Create inanimate objects, such as plants or something else that is meaningful to you. Concentrate all the senses here, especially on what you create. Give it sound, smell, feel, colour, etc. The more attention and focus given, the more permanence it has.

Now you have your own space, you can now contact your Higher Self for Intuition or even use this contact to connect with other consciousnesses (Spirits) for various reasons. This can be done by quieting the inner dialogue, emptying your Mind, and concentrating on nothing. To be safe, focus them as a figure on the Ring boundary.

In the Astral Plane, a lot of the communication comes in the form of symbols or images. Some can hear voices, others a sense of knowing. Some contacts are not complete until the person dreams and the messages are given there. Time does not pass the same for those in the Astral Realm that have Avatars in the Material Realm.

Those that reside in the Astral Plane feel immortal, as time has no affect. A bit like our dreams. We always feel in the present, but with youthfulness. Our Spirit, all through life, never changes, just our bodies. This gives an idea of what the Astral Plane feels like. Contacts in the Astral Plane will mostly be with those who had once lived here.

For this reason, the Astral Plane is also known as the Plane of the Dead. Deceased people can be communicated with, though one must be cautious. The programming received here through Mind Control may be gone. The Spirits have traits but are more like sensations. No emotions, but there can be attachments and often, malevolence.

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