Gaia is an entity who is thought to be the planet Earth as a life form. Some worship Gaia as a goddess. There are those who have meditated into past lives who insist that they have been an entity that was a celestial object, such as a moon. It has been thought that this alien entity is the energetic fields that surround such objects.

Many have gone as far to say that there were even life forms living on these celestial objects. It is well known that the universe is made of energy. We see matter because we are big. At the quantum level though, everything is vibrational energy traveling in waves through all of the dimensions. This is necessary for us to interact with Reality.

We ourselves are energy fields that look like people because they have condensed enough to be able to see our shapes. It cannot be ruled out therefore, that the Earth is one massive living entity that is called, Gaia. Anyone who wants to use any magic must be aware of energy. Gaia is related to both Nature Magic and Elemental Magic.

All magic must be regarded as alive. The energy as, all-surrounding. One should not worship Gaia or any entity. She is often called Mother Earth as a sign of respect. To respect nature is also to respect Gaia. All nature is Sacred to Gaia. All lifeforms are her children. All living things on this planet are Nature and the living parts of Gaia.

Tengri is a Sun god, also known as the Father Sky entity. Both Gaia and Tengri were the main deities used in Magic by Shaman. Some call these people, Sorcerers, but their Magic is often used for positive reasons, rather than to decimate others. One must know how to handle power, for it corrupts even those with the best intentions.

Tengri represents the elements, Air and Fire. Gaia is Earth and Water. Top left is Air, bottom left is Earth, bottom right is Water, and top right is Fire. Air and Fire; Masculine, Earth and Water; Feminine. The top centre is Spirit and a symbol of Intent. All these symbols bring a natural balance to the Spell. Any objects can be placed in the middle region.

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