“Before you may tell a man whether he is happy or unhappy, you must find out what use he has made of his Willpower. For every man is treated to the Image of his own works.”

Shown on the card is the god, Anubis. The reason this god is shown on the card is because Death is the only force in Life we can be subject to while here in the Third Density. He was responsible for protecting the Soul as it left the body and into the Afterlife. One’s Soul has ascended to experience the natural freedom of Paradise.

The entity associated with this card is called, ‘The Virgin of the Sea’. This goddess is also known as Gaia. Mother Earth. It is said she purified the bitter waters of the sea and created abundance on the land, symbolised by the turning of water into wine. Her symbol is the upwards Pentagram. The Four Elements plus the Spirit Element.

The Pentagram is known as the Flaming Star. When this star points upwards with its single ray, it is the sign to the Divine. When its inverted and its two inferior rays point upwards, this represents the Undivine or Satan. The upwards symbol is a Human with a head, two arms and two legs. Upside down, the goat-face of the Devil.

The Pentagram can be split into three or five. As three, the head is Intellect, and is represented by Jupiter. These arms are Action, represented by Mars. The legs are Sorcery, represented by Saturn. As five, it is split into Spirit, Fire, Air, Water, and Earth. The three is for invoking Black Magic, the five is for the invoking of Nature Magic.

When using Magic, it is best to purify oneself and the surrounding area. There are plenty of beings, human and not, that are attracted to Magic. A Pentagram can be drawn, or a Pentacle created. A simple Pentacle can be made from twigs bound by string. Cutting the twigs from branches ensures they contain all the Five Elements.

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