“I teach you beyond Man (Übermensch). Man is something that shall be surpassed. What have you done to surpass him?”

Friedrich Nietzsche

This is one of the most common afflictions in modern life. There are two main types of Nihilism. Passive and Active. It is mainly to do with the questioning of existence. It is where one reaches a point in life where it seems totally meaningless, that there is no truth, no gods or that there is no knowledge. That life is just something to be endured.

Passive Nihilism is where one has given up on the quest to find their purpose in life and so, live the life set by others. This can be authorities or latching onto any societal trends or cultures. It is believed that once one chooses the path of Passive Nihilism, it is more difficult to discover “awareness” than it is to be the less common Active Nihilist.

Nihilism is to do with the Spirit. The Passive Nihilist experiences a decline in the Power of Spirit, because they become a collective with no singular True Identity. This takes away their power and spreads among the hierarchy, often to the strengthening of those at the top. They become part of a parasitic structure that diminishes spiritual power.

The Active Nihilist experiences an increase in the Power of Spirit because one becomes a sole being with one’s own unique True Identity. “Soul” and “sole” are not just coincidental. One then, rejects the collective and keeps their power for oneself. This is how one becomes “aware”. One decides at an individual level what to do with power.

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