What does a mirror look at?

Frank Herbert

This is a form of Magic that is usually performed for many different reasons, just like Spellcasting. This can be performed in groups as well as individually. What is often overlooked is how it can be used to create a Shadow. It can take time to build up this ‘Being’ using essence, but once created, it is capable of ‘traveling’ the Astral Plane.

Many would consider this as Black Magic, and it is. This is only because it involves our own Shadow Self, which is considered bad. And yet, when we want to protect those we love or fight injustice, our inner psychopath is required to resolve such a situation. This is righteous anger. Nothing within the Human should really be purged.

The real issue here is about knowing the Shadow Self. This requires Shadow Work. Once achieved, one can have more control of this hidden part of oneself. There is plenty online information on how to do Shadow Work. As the Shadow is considered an opposite, the chant is said normal and then repeated backwards in short spells.

There are two ways of doing this. Both can use a small candle that may be allowed to go out itself afterwards. The first is to use a mirror and put the candle between oneself and the mirror. The other is to use it from behind with one’s own shadow in front of oneself. If no candle is available, another energy source will do for a shadow.

The chant can be simple or complex. Repeating, “I am light; You are dark” and “Dark are You; light am I” can be a good beginning. This is the separation of both parts of oneself. These words can also be rearranged for joining. Ritual chanting was used in the past for warriors going into battle. It enhanced both physical and mental ability.

The Shadow will remain attached to oneself but can travel the Astral Plane into the future. Information is received in dreams or an intuition that is triggered when watching an Event unfold. A small glimpse into the future will be recalled. The Shadow part of oneself is the most influential when one must enforce the Non-Aggression Principle.

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