“You four are a whole other breed.”

Scarlett Dawn

Elementals, or Nature Spirits are life forms made of the Four Elements. These can be evoked, by drawing a Cross in the directions, South, East, West and North. In the centre of this Cross, follow the steps to summon the spirit. Each Elemental is to be summoned differently and the spirits will appear in one’s dreams or psychic contact.

The Elementals are helpful and can bring enhanced ability through energy, but more useful is their ability to guide one in the Material Plane. When one is seeking warmth, food, water, or shelter, these are the spirits to contact. They can guide one through intuition, in dreams or simply add their energy to oneself to sustain for a limited time.

FIRE SALAMANDERS: The best time to evoke is in the Summer, using a candle, and facing south. Concentrate on the fire in a meditative state. The mantra, ‘INRI’ may be used with an ‘S’ at the end. These spirits are evoked to enhance creativity, healing, and illumination. Fall asleep while meditating and one will meet with the Fire spirits.

AIR SYLPHS: The best time to evoke is in the Spring, facing east, on a high place. Facing the east, breathe out with an ‘H’ sounding mantra. Do this for each direction until the start. Lie down, and facing upwards, meditate, focusing on breath until sleep. These spirits are evoked to enhance intellect, inspiration, and imagination.

WATER UNDINES: The best time to evoke is in the Autumn, facing west, with a filled vessel of water. In meditation, concentrate on the water. The mantra ‘M’ is used here. Fall asleep while focusing on the water. These spirits are evoked to enhance changes, intuition, and sensitivity. One will meet these spirits when they sleep.

EARTH GNOMES: The best time to evoke is winter, facing north, with a type of rock. In meditation, concentrate on the rock with mantra, “I.A.O.”. When asleep, the spirits will appear. These spirits enhance strength, abundance and permanence. Meditation combined with sleep allows one to enter the elemental paradises of nature’s realm.

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