“Maiden, Mother, Crone.”

Known to many as the Goddess of Battle, she has been a deity since the beginning. There are many representations of a Triple Goddess as symbols and statues. In the beginning, She was said to have lived as three humans sharing one Soul. Some call Her, the Divine Feminine. She was the basis of one of this world’s major religions.

That religion now worships a male deity, but the original religion moved North with the Celtic peoples. They left North Africa to colonise Europe. The Triple Goddess was later called by them, the Morrigan. The Triple Moon and Triple Spiral symbols represent phases of life. These are called, the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone.

The Maiden is the Waxing Crescent Moon. A time of growth and fresh potential. This is a time of exploration, self-confidence, fighting skills, and creativity. The Maiden can invoke the Power of Enchantment on one whom they want as a partner in life. It is a phase where experience and exploration can bring excitement and learning.

The Mother is the Full Moon. A time of abundance, but also of responsibility. A time of adulthood and prime physical condition. This is the most powerful phase of life. A time where one may invoke the Power of Passion. This can be positive or negative. A phase where one puts their Willpower into the world to ensure a future for the species.

The Crone is the Waning Crescent. A time of winding down, the Crone’s abilities are in wisdom and guidance. This is the second most powerful phase of life, but it is the phase where one is most feared. Where one can invoke the Power of the Goddess to enhance their magical abilities. This can be prophecy, healing and influences.

From the beginning, people were well aware that only Action matters in the Material Plane. There are those who talk of Ascension and yet their vibration has decreased due to their Inaction. One can ignore the negative if they want, but subconscious fear does not bring Ascension. Negativity increases unless Action is taken to remove it.

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