“Virtually no soul ever achieves all of its objectives in one lifetime.”

Anthea Wynn

This involves the Sacral Chakra and reached in an alternative state of consciousness. One can then travel backwards in memory to Past Lives. There may be issues from Past Lives that are influencing this one. It is difficult to know why Past Lives effect this one, because the personality is cast off at death. It may be to do with karma or maybe a contract.

A Soul Contract is where one’s Soul has made an ‘agreement’ with another one so to cooperate in some way in this life. The Soul has a core set of traits which have been picked up through time. Emotions can only be felt in the Material Plane. Vibration or a sense of purpose, can be ‘felt’ in every plane of existence at many various frequencies.

Experiencing Past Lives, gives an idea what these core traits are that the Soul has. It lets one know the Higher Self better and therefore, our Human Self better too. To be able to distinguish between both and realise who one really is as an entity. It is useful to find what is needed for future lives as there is a process to spiritual cohesion.

There are different ways to access Past Lives. One, is to go into deep meditation and go back through life to childhood. Then going deeper, go into the previous life before this one. Another is to be hypnotised. When questioned, memories from the past will come to mind. Intention before sleep can bring events from other lives into dreams.


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