“Telepathy, both simultaneous and precognitive, is now an experimentally established fact.”

C. D. Broad

This ability is probably the truest form of Extra Sensory Perception (E.S.P.). This is where one is both a transmitter and transceiver of emotions, thoughts, and physical sensations, such as pain. This ability is not limited to humans as animals use it too. More, probably. Telepathy has been linked to instinct but can be further developed.

Training can be done, such as using cards and depicting what each is, as they are uncovered. This is done by sitting with another individual who is looking at the card. Both are focused on the card only and nothing else. One thinks, the other receives the thought. The receiver tries to determine what the card is. This is known to work.

This is associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra. The Pineal Gland is the transmitter and the Solar Plexus Chakra, the receiver. In meditation, this may be tried with a person in mind. It is unknown how far this can travel. Some experience it traveling through the Astral Plane instantly. There must be a connection between both people.

Emotions, thoughts, and sensations received through telepathy pass swiftly through the chakras. They are therefore genuine. This does feel like receiving a wave. There is no mistaking telepathy once you have developed the skill. This skill would be much more common, but the world has become far too artificial and it is being lost.

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