“Think of speech as a magical tool, because it is.”

Mat Auryn

This is the psychic ability to “hear” words or sounds from the Spirit World. These are not noticed by normal hearing but can be received mentally or through the ears. This can work along with Clairvoyance. Sometimes conversations from the past are repeated or are communicated by the “shades” of those who are now deceased.

The Throat Chakra is used for Clairaudience. When it is open, messages can come through in a form of psychic communication. Meditation is best for achieving this ability. Block out all external noise and remove any conversations that may be in your mind. Chakra alignment meditation is recommended to make sounds distinct.

Once the remote voices are “heard”, focus on them. It helps to distinguish who they are from. These will likely be spirits or “shades”. The Third Eye can help in this process as it is recommended to be discerning with who is making contact. If using this ability for another, a name, location or item will be mentioned as clarification.

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