Being ‘Awake’ means caring enough to take action, to create positive change. It is not about remaining passive and accepting everything as it is.

  • Mark Passio

These are the objective laws that govern all beings within the universe. Those with the ability to understand harmful and non-harmful behaviour. They are the totality of the Hermetic Principals of Alchemy and an invariable part of the Great Work. The whole alchemical Equilibrium of the universe. It is not religious belief, but truth and morality.

The initiation of aggression against others breaches their natural rights. The laws are based on theft. For example, murder, assault, rape, stealing, trespassing, and coercion are theft. They take something from the other and violate their rights as a Being. These are not man-made laws but are inherent to everything in the universe.

In this world, most follow man-made laws. These are subjective and are irrelevant to Natural Law. Karma is received whether one decides they are legitimate or not. One is not the Source of Creation, but a being within Creation and therefore is subject to Natural Law. The majority cannot decide what right and wrong is. That really is, absurd.

Natural Law is not changeable, even if one is following orders that breach the laws. Wrong is still wrong and theft is theft. Until Natural Law is adhered to in society, the world will remain on a low vibration. The ‘status quo’ will continue with humans into the future. Our souls will pay karma in this universe when in breach of Natural Law.

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