People who study the Occult are used to interacting with entities. Even so, a recap of what these Actions are can be useful for those who are just beginning the journey. Knowledge takes time and skill to accumulate, so it helps to use whatever methods are available. These are also useful in life as we now live in a changing environment.

Invoking and Evoking uses the Subconscious. This links to one’s Soul but is also a part of the Mind. The Soul uses symbology, dreams, and visions to communicate. It enters the Subconscious, and one receives it as intuition. One needs their essence to “speak” with other entities too. Intent through meditating is probably the best method.

Invoking is when one allows themselves to be partly possessed voluntarily. This is why it is important to know oneself. We have very little control over what enters into our subconscious. It is why subliminal symbology is used by Dark Occultists. The entity will feel like an alien presence within. This “feeling” leaves when one fully connects.

An entity such as Gaia can be invoked through her essence as we are within her and part of her is in us. We also share essence with people we spend our time with. This essence can remain through our life. The essence link can be used to “speak to the dead”. This essence may not still be linked to the original Soul, but to another entity.

Evoking is much more common than Invoking. It summons an entity. One will feel the presence of the entity when it arrives. This can be in the middle of the night and one will wake instinctively to an alien presence. One will have already made their intent. Information will be received into the Subconscious before surfacing in the Conscious.

Many people fear contacting entities. What they do not realise is that entities have an effect on our lives anyway. These Actions give more control over these effects. Most entities still in the Astral Plane do not want to reincarnate but still want to influence. These entities have been named Spirit Guides that “help” and Shadows that “hinder”.


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