These come in four suits. They are Wands (Intentional), Cups (Creational), Swords (Mental), and Pentacles (Material). They are also represented by the elements, Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. There are four planes of the Tree of Life. Each card has its place on the Tree of Life the same as the Major Arcana. These are all listed below.

Knights- Hokmah: Warrior. Valiant actions and messengers.

Queens- Binah: Mother. Maturity and a deep understanding of life.

Kings- Tiferet: Father. Defenders and security.

Pages- Malkhut: Slave. Those at the beginning of life’s journey.

Aces- Keter: The crown which carries four florets.

2s– Hokmah: Wisdom pours out and forms four rivers.

3s- Binah: From intelligence there gives four proofs.

4s- Hesed: From mercy is four benefactions.

5s- Gevurah: Rigor punishes four crimes four times.

6s- Tiferet: Through four pure rays is beauty revealed.

7s- Nezah: Let us celebrate four times the eternal victory.

8s- Hod: The triumphs are four times in all eternity.

9s- Yesod: This throne is supported upon four foundations.

10s- Malkhut: One fourfold kingdom owned in endless sway.

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