This structure represents the Inner World part of the spiritual journey. A kind of map. There are three pillars within this tree. The left Pillar is the Feminine (Passive), the right Pillar is the Masculine (action), and the middle Pillar balances both. There is a Tarot card for each node. The Fool represents the totality of the soul, not a node.

Below is a brief description of each Tarot Card in relation to each Sephiroth from bottom to top:

0 The Fool: The Soul.

10 The Wheel of Fortune: The Material Plane.

9 The Hermit: Desire for change.

8 Strength: Conquering of fear.

7 The Chariot: Willpower to act.

6 The Lovers: Care for others.

5 The Hierophant: Self Control.

4 The Emperor: Influence on others.

3 The Empress: What is known.

2 The High Priestess: True Wisdom.

1 The Magician: Illuminated Self.

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