The Tree of Life is a structure that links the human energetic field, the Mind and the Spirit. It has archetypes that can be cross-referenced to the Chakras. It can be shown at both a Microcosmic and Macrocosmic levels. This will be explained using Tarot Cards, in a future post. This is ancient and esoteric knowledge that pre-existed world religions.

The structure is known as the Sephiroth. We will start from the bottom of the structure:

Malkhut: Root Chakra is The Body. Connection.

Yesod: Sacral Chakra is Ego. Sexuality. Creativity.

Nezah and Hod: Solar Plexus Chakra is Victory. Glory. Power.

Tiferet: Heart Chakra is Love. Harmony.

Hesed and Gevurah: Throat Chakra is Mercy. Strength. Communication.

Hokhmah and Binah: Third Eye Chakra is Wisdom. Understanding.

Keter: Crown Chakra is Connection. Spirituality.

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