This is good for regulating thoughts and emotions. We spend nearly all our time thinking. Many of these thoughts are negative and pointless. There are lots of ways to meditate. The benefits of meditating are that it can slow down or cease our thoughts. To experience higher consciousness, it is best to have almost no thoughts.

This state of awareness can bring total control on how we react to those around us. We decide what we want to do, rather than what our basic reactions would have us do. The world changes when we approach it from a higher conscious level. It is best to know what is real from within. It helps us deal better with the issues of the world.

When meditating to communicate with our higher self, it is best to set an intention to be a result afterwards. Picking a time with no interruptions is best. After the meditation, a feeling of calmness can usually be felt. Some meditation is used to unblock chakras. The chakras are energy centres at the core of the energetic field.

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