At the smallest size, everything in the universe is energy that travels in waves. The universe is not static. We ourselves are part of this energy. We are energetic fields. We only look solid because we are large. Understanding how Quantum Physics works in spirituality can enhance how we experience our lives with a true purpose.

As beings, we live in the past, present and future simultaneously. Time is an illusion to bring a realness to our existence. It lets us experience the ‘now’. Therefore, infinity is a loop. Within this loop, past and future create an objective reality and affects how we perceive the present. This gives consistency to how we experience this reality.

We are in a universe that creates possibilities for us through always forming this reality. How the past and future affects the present is easier to explain by how the energy travels. Kinetic energy must know the past and future slightly, in order to move. Even temporarily change states. We are energy. Our timelines are not static.


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