“And once you are awake; you shall remain awake eternally”.

Friedrich Nietzsche

An Awakening occurs for many when our beliefs can no longer keep us in denial. It is realisation that the system we live in is of no benefit to us. We were indoctrinated into believing in the external authorities that would “help” us have a “full life”. When we awaken, we lose those beliefs, the limits, and the ego that attached us to them.

A Spiritual Awakening is when we look within and realise that we are more than what we have been told. We recognize that there is something within us that gives us knowledge as if from nowhere. This can only be explained as we have a spirit as well as a body. This spirit is the part of us that can travel outside the material realm.

With our former beliefs destroyed, we then look for new meaning to our existence. Some try to reattach to their former lives, but this effort is futile. We cannot return easily to a life of conforming to false belief systems. A system created to benefit only those who rule us. Most significantly, it is the realisation that death is not the end.

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